Actresses Pooja is one of the very few cine artists who carry simplicity amongst the cinema actresses who act smart and maintain their hep. She has acted in successful movies like Pori, Thambi and few others to the list too.

Right now she is also acting in some of the Srilankan language films. When the news spreaded to the media that her fans have constructed a temple for her in Colombo, ‘let it be,it is a kind of buildup’ she said and did not care for that and she avoided those build up news stating that ‘ nothing like that ya’ and it really showed her simplicity.


Actresses Pooja is one actress who is having the habit of greeting the press reporters as ‘Anna’(Brother). Pooja who is residing at Bangalore, had gone to help out her friend who is vacating her house.

while she was helping her close friend to change the placement of the things in the house ,an iron rod accidently slipped and fell on Pooja’s leg. she was not able to bare the pain and was immediately taken to a nearby hospital. There they took the X-ray for her in the place of the wound.