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Bombay Jayashri has the uncanny ability to produce a tranquilizing effect on the listeners. Her album titled Salokyam (Hindustani classical) is delightful for the sheer calm it brings to the minds of listeners. She has picked some nice songs.

The album comprises compositions of Mirabai, Jayadeva and a few others. Salokyam is a Sanskrit word. It means the realm of God (Vishnu).
Jayashri has brought her prowess in Hindustani music in this album.

Percussion artistes Mithilesh Kumar Jha and Sai Shravanam have accompanied her on Tabala. In this album, she sings “Jagadeesha Sudheesha” in Hamir Kalyani. It is the right kind of an invocation song with good lyrics “Jagadeesha Sudeesha Bhavesha Vibho,” lavishing it with her melodious voice. One is tempted to rewind the CD to hear it once more.

A composition of Jayadeva’s Astapadi “Ehi Murare” in Rag Natbhairav is rendered with fineness. Senior Hindustani vocalist Lakshmi Shankar is adept at presenting such compositions. This is a Gopika Biraha geetham.They shout to Lord Krishna, when HE is not found anywhere. Jayashri renders this with involvement. She nourishes the kriti with her creative presentation. “Raamam Ghanashyaamam” in Rag Bhagyashree is pleasant and warms the heart as well as the mind.

Bhagyashree, especially, is a soothing raga. Many a classical film song was sung in this raga. Mirabai’s “Gopala Gobinda” in rag Shaam Kalyan is exquisite, with riveting lyrics. Jayashri embellishes this one adequately, giving it an absolute classical touch. Indeed, she takes one down memory lane to Mirabai times with her touching presentation. “Kaatyaaayani Mahaa Bhaage” in raga Durga is full of melody and is pleasing to listen. Kulashekara Perumal’s ( Mukuntha Mala) “Ksheerasaagara Taranga” is tuned in raga Sindhu Bhairavi and sings it ever so gently.