The latest inclusion in Simbu's new film Kaalai is Nila. She has accepted to appear in an item number in the film along with the playboy.Nila is expected to become a promising young heroine in Tamil after her debut film Ah... Aah with S.J.Surya.

But her adamant behaviour and call sheet mess keep her in the list of least favourite heroines for the producers. Now she has realized this fact, and is now much more grounded in reality.

At present the actress is playing against Bharath in the film Killadi.This is the only assignment that she has currently.In Telugu also it is very hard for her to find good offers.

So Nila has decided to accept films in Tamil even as second heroine.

A few days ago, Simbu approached the actress to appear in an item number for Kaalai. Nila accepted this offer immediately without any hesitation. When asked about this decision, she told, 'Simbu is a talented actor as well as director.

There is nothing wrong in performing an item song. In Hindi, many top heroines including Madhuri, Rani Mukherji and Preethi have performed item numbers. You should not construe that I'm always ready for any item song. It is depends on the hero and the significance of the song'.