Now, after that fair and lovely ad, illeana was discovered and produced a movie devadasu and it clicked surprisingly, mostly because of the lovely heroine, who never appeared in telug field. she is illiana de cruz. In some districts this movie went on for hundred days too. Her next movie is a biggest boxoffice hit and a record in the history of telugu movies.

Yes, that is pokiri with mahesh babu. She gave her full performance and support to that movie and people became flat for her sruthi role in that movie. Her charms, talents in songs and scenes are excellant. After this movie, she became the highest paid heroine, on par with the 6 year old experienced trisha. she is demanding just above one crore per movie now.

Rich Heroine Ileana:
After pokiri producers made a queue and booked her in films without much care for her appearance and dresses. such movies flopped. for example, the movie khatarnak with ravi teja flopped as the director failed to show her lovely but made cheap and vulgar dresses.

The audience became angry and scolded the movie makers too. illiana learnt a lesson and promised that she would be careful further. The movie aata by ms raju was good in showing her glamourously.

She was good in ex-pressions in that movie with the young hero. But next the movie rakhi could not bring much fame to her as the movie is bogged with sentiments and seriousness and the film was also not a commercial hit.