But her appearance is good to some extent. Now pawan kalyan opted her for his revival in the industry and she is acting in the movie jalsa for which much hype is created. Hope this would give a jolt to both these actors.

What is great in Ileana?
The great things in illeana are her body structure, curves, perfect measurements and lovely smile . These make people flat for her. She is good with all modern dresses. saree and half saree would also be ok because of her good body structure .

Her nose is very pointed and few people are gifted with such sharp nose. She is acting with tarun too in another movie which is to be relesed. Tarun and Pawan kalyan give good scope to her as both are different poles in action.

Tarun is action , dialogue oriented while pawan would be mass oriented. so, we all looking eagerly for these two movie release for our eye feast with illeana.